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What's TAG I'M IT?

A round based asymmetrical mod for ArmA 3 with 3 types of modes depending on how many players connects to the server.

Mode 1 [Small] (4-6 players)
Here you will get a pistol and try to kill the player who's "IT". There's noo loot and there's no waiting for "IT" to get ready. Run and hide before you get shot!

Mode 2 [Medium] (7-9 players)
This mode is the original TAG I'M IT mode. One is selected to start as "IT", the others will be hunters. The hunters objective is to kill "IT" and "IT"'s objective is to kill the hunters. If a hunter kills "IT", he will be "IT" and the hunted one. Last one standing wins the game.

Mode 3 [Large] (10-16 players)
Ok, so you like mode 2 but you want to loot as you go instead of spawn next to a crate with weapons, well you're in luck. The large mode takes the mechanics from the original TAG I'M IT mode but has loot spawned on a larger area. Both hunters and IT needs to loot there way to victory. This can be really interesting since there's at least 9 players hunting you as you try to get that magazine for you G3.

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